Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WFMW: Lotion

I like the idea of posting "Works For Me Wednesday" products/ideas, so here's my first attempt.

Of course, my bottle is a couple of years old and doesn't look like this, but Suave's Skin Therapy lotion with "aloe & botanicals" has become my new best friend. I have gotten horrible stretch marks with this pregnancy, so much that Sean remarked one day it looked like flames going up my belly and over my belly button. I don't really care that much about how it looks, I don't think I ever plan on wearing a two-piece bathing suit again. My problem is that my belly itches like CRAZY!

My belly skin is getting very dried out, especially after a shower (go figure). I tried the Palmer's stuff, I tried the one with the pregnant bee on the label, I've tried my yummy smelling Bath and Body Works stuff....but the only lotion that relieves the itching, pain, and is completely soothing and relaxing is this stuff. It's also the least expensive lotion I've ever bought and it smells good. It's not greasy either.

YAY for something that makes me feel better at this point in the pregnancy!