Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Trying to get back on the ball, here are my 7 Quick Takes.


I really don't like storms, and it is rather difficult to get a cranky toddler back to sleep when I yank him out of his bed scared to death of the tornado siren and what it means and then find out that the tornado was several miles south and we're just getting a bit of rain and wind.


This week has been a half-hearted attempt at cleaning up my office. Stuff is mostly organized, but it still looks like chaos.


I feel so sorry for my family that lives in western Washington. There has been a nasty record-breaking heat wave up there for the last couple of weeks and I doubt any of them have A/C. Here in Texas A/C is a must, in Washington...not so much.


Dairy Queen's Tagalong Blizzards are delicious. 'nuff said.


I am so tired of the drama going on in TEC. In addition I am sick of liberal bitchiness and whining in general, whether it has to do with GLBTQRSWHATEVER, the Obamessiah, environmentalnazis, etc. The list of businesses one should boycott to show disapproval of them spending money on immoral causes is so long now I don't even remember which way is up. Conversely, I'm getting tired of hearing from ultra-conservatives how I'm supposed to live my life. Can I crawl into a cave now?


Wow, I must be in a funk right now. Maybe it has something to do with George first getting his thumb stuck in a toy and getting the first layer of skin ripped off getting it out and then a few minutes later falling down the stairs. Poor thing has had a rough morning. The picture below is post-thumb first-aid and stair-falling and even shows a glimpse of those evil stairs...


Speaking of George, I shall end on a super-positive note. He pooped in his potty on Wednesday! I'm sure before I realize it he will be potty trained and off to college. Such a smart kid. :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Being a Mommy is Rewarding

You know you're doing something right when the child who has resisted being read to his entire short life so far walks over to the bookshelf, grabs "Kitten's First Full Moon" (borrowed from the library) and tries to climb into your lap so you can read to him. Of course he still wanted to turn the pages before I could finish reading them but he wanted me to read to him! I think I almost started to cry.

Maybe we can get into a routine now of reading a bedtime story together every night?

Another sign of his development that brings joy to my heart is his recognition of body parts. It used to be that he knew where his nose and belly-button were but asked where any other body part was and that little pudgy finger would go right back to the tip of his nose! Now he knows where his mouth and eyes are and is even getting "ears" right about half the time.

On a side note, the cutest thing happened today. We were getting ready to drive to Dairy Queen (Tagalong Blizzard = absolute yum!) when Sean asked George to "go tell Mommy that it's time to go." George walked down the hallway, stopped in the doorway of the playroom where my computer is, and proudly told me "Ah bababoo. Pfffffaba boo." He then turned around and walked back to Sean who stood there slack-jawed in amazement for a moment.

Ain't that something?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Libraries are Great!

George and I made our first trip to the local library this morning. Since moving in almost a year ago, I finally quit being lazy and went. On Wednesday mornings during the summer, the library offers a "storytime" for children ages 0-5. I have now discovered that this is a great opportunity to get us out of the house and *gasp* interact with other people. As a plus, I also got a library card.

I keep forgetting how rewarding libraries are and as a consequence I don't get out to them very often. However, the nearest branch is super kid-friendly and have the nicest librarians I have ever run across. When we lived in Dallas we would occasionally go to the local branch nearest our apartment and I always felt awkward bringing an infant, even one as quiet as George. It didn't help that we seemed to always get the "evil eye" from the librarian at the front desk.

At the branch nearest our home I felt very welcome. George is a bit noisier now that he's a toddler, and has a tendency to want to run off. I didn't get a single disapproving look! In fact, some of the other patrons, mostly other "storytime" goers, offered sympathetic smiles and even greeted George. What a difference it is to feel welcomed. I am becoming more and more convinced that we made a good choice in buying a home in this area.