Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Baby Yet

Le sigh. Apparently everything is fine, got plenty of fluid surrounding that thar baby, and he's just happy right where he is. He's making me out to be a liar...after four days of diminished movement, he has spent most of today doing all he can to bruise my insides. Joy. I mean, I'm happy he's doing just fine, I just want my

So I'll be going in next week for my weekly checkup and if the baby hasn't made his entrance by then, Dr. H will induce that week. Apparently they don't let women go much more than a week past their due dates any more.

But I have an estimated weight and a surprise! Baby George is at this point 6 lbs and 13 oz based on the measurements from the ultrasound. Bwa ha ha...I'm going to have a normal sized that Sparkman curse!

The surprise? Should I tell you? Should I?

He's got hair. The ultrasound showed a white ring around the outside of his head and the ultrasound tech said that's hair. Now I just wonder what color it is...

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