Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Update!

Yesterday was my weekly OB appointment. So far everything is going well, but Dr. H wants me to have an ultrasound this afternoon for a couple of reasons.

Although the baby's not due until next Tuesday, Dr. H is concerned that baby is ready to come now but I'm not progressing as fast as he would like. He wants to check the volume of amniotic fluid to decide if he should induce labor. Part of his reasoning is that the baby's movement has decreased as though he is letting us know he's ready to meet us, but my body is not responding in kind.

Dr. H also wants to verify the size, weight, and positioning of the baby. He's assuming George will be about 7 lbs or so (not nearly as big as the 9+ lbs the Sparkman family is known for) and an average size, but he wants to verify this as much as possible with the ultrasound.

I don't think I'll mind being induced. If the baby's ready to come out, then why do I need to (I dislike using this word but it seems to apply here) suffer past my due date? At least Dr. H doesn't think I'm going to need a C-section unless the baby's not getting into the right position, but based on what we've both observed, he's in place. His little foot keeps poking in my rib, sometimes I can see the outline of it, and his little knees poke out next to my belly button. Or maybe that's his little butt. So I'm pretty sure his head is down where it needs to be.

Little Georgie...your mommy and daddy want to see you... We've got your nursery set up, I've been playing with your toys (to make sure they work...really, I swear!), and your grandparents have been begging for you to make your entrance! Please bless us with your presence soon, I don't know how much more anticipation we can take. We love you, hurry up ;)

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