Thursday, January 3, 2008

There Is One Person...

That I don't mind asking me to lock the door when he leaves, I realized today. And that would be Sean. But then if I had a problem with him telling me to lock the door, our marriage would be headed for trouble in my opinion. Why is it that other people telling us to lock our door irritates me and Sean telling me to lock the door when he leaves doesn't? Well, when he leaves for work and his arms are full or he's so bundled up (it is currently 32 F here...brrrr) he can't get to his house keys and wants to get to his car as quickly as possible, he's not going to be able to easily lock the door.

So as opposed to a need to control (as I've come to the conclusion is the reason certain other people "remind" us to lock the door), Sean is actually concerned about my safety and is unable to lock the door himself. Of course, when he asks me to lock the door, he actually says "Honey, can you lock the door after me please?" rather than certain other people who say "Lock the door, okay?" Usually Sean doesn't ask me to lock the door when he leaves for work because he does it himself (often because I'm still asleep), so for him to ask me once in a while because he can't do it himself is not a big deal.

Part of it might also have to do with the fact that I have a lot more respect for Sean than I do the people who think it's their duty to tell us to lock the door. Oh well.

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