Tuesday, January 8, 2008


In contrast to one of my recent posts ranting about people who think I shouldn't drive while pregnant...I've made the decision to stop driving by myself until after the baby's born, when my Dr. says it's okay to drive again (driving for the first couple of weeks after delivery is generally not recommended because of the stress put on the body of needing to move one's body and react while driving as opposed to riding as a passenger). If I absolutely have to drive somewhere, I'd prefer to have a passenger (like Sean), but I'm content now to stop driving even with passengers. I don't want to go to the store during the next couple of weeks and find myself stranded going into labor or a similar situation.

This decision has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Pregnancy Police who think I shouldn't be "allowed" to drive while preggers. It has most everything to do with me feeling very uncomfortable in the car right now. I don't even want to really go anywhere as a passenger either, because it is getting so hard to get in and out of a vehicle, even my own SUV. Add to that the horrible back pain I've been having does not make for a comfortable ride.

The great thing that has come out of this, though, is that Sean has finally stopped acting like I'm just being a whiny hypochondriac. He will take me to the grocery store (last time we went together, I just stayed in the car while he picked up a few groceries) and carry groceries in without complaining. He's even gotten a bit upset when I try to do too much. He'll ask me over instant messenger what I've gotten done for the day, and I'll say "Well, I emptied and loaded the dishwasher, but my back hurts now" to which he responds "rest then, take a break!" More on him later.

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