Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things I Appreciate About My Husband

Oh, I am in such a "I love my hubby" mood right now. I felt a need to tell the world about the wonderful, supportive husband I have. During the first few months of my pregnancy, I don't think he quite realized how hard being pregnant is for me. Part of it might have stemmed from the lack of projectile vomiting (morning sickness is almost exactly like the nausea I get from migraines, so I'm used to dealing with it), or that for the first trimester I didn't "look" pregnant. Part of it might even be that it hadn't really hit him that he's going to be a father.

He has completely changed in the last couple of months, so without further ado:

1. He hates to watch me walk waddle because he says it looks so painful. I don't know why this strikes me as sweet, but it does. Perhaps because he doesn't want me to be in pain?

2. He has finally figured out that it's much easier to push me up to get into my car then pull me out of his.

3. He has started to learn how to gently rub his hand over my back to comfort me and bring me relief. Add to that he finally figured out that sticking his thumbs into my spine hurts like hell.

4. He has started to help putting together the baby furniture and was actually excited to go to Target to spend gift cards on baby stuff.

5. He's started to stand up for me when it comes to certain Pregnancy Police.

6. He actually went to the grocery store by himself with me only asking him ONCE and didn't try to fight it.

7. He got me self-massaging slippers for Christmas since he's not very good at giving foot rubs.

8. He's stopped complaining about "Fred", my giant body pillow, taking up space in the bed.

9. He's started doing more household chores such as cleaning up dishes and picking up around the apartment without expecting me to pull my weight, especially since said weight is hard to pull around right now.

10. He's so excited to be a daddy, I mention "baby" and his eyes just light up. He's always talking to my belly and petting it. Sometimes I wonder if he is more anxious to see the baby than I am.

I have been trying to make an effort to let him know how much I appreciate him and what he does, and I know that makes him feel good. It has finally occurred to me that husbands need encouragement, too. For some couples, having a baby puts a strain on their marriage, for others it can help strengthen the marriage. I think Sean and I are in the latter group, but I must say it sure does seem like a lot of work. I hope I can stop having to remind myself to be nice and appreciative of him and it will become a natural habit someday. Pregnancy is not an excuse for not showing my husband how much I love him, it is an incentive to remember to show him my appreciation.

I love you. You do so much for me and all I do sometimes is grumble. Thank you for caring for me when I'm sick or just feeling icky. Thank you for helping me take a bath. Thank you for making me take a break once in a while. I don't even mind the "beached whale" or "fat pregnant woman" jokes since I know you make them out of love. I know you're as eager as I am to see your son, and I know you'll make a great daddy. Here's to many happy memories to be made, cheers!


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Timotheos Prologizes said...

This is definitely one entry you should print out to put in his baby book.