Thursday, January 3, 2008


Here is a letter of complaint I made to FedEx customer support today:

I am thoroughly disgusted with the performance of the driver who delivered this package today. I received a phone call this afternoon from my husband (who has been tracking this package since it was shipped) who informed me that when he checked the website, the package had been delivered to our apartment office this afternoon.

I have been in my living room ALL day (I am 9 months pregnant, trust me when I say I'm not going anywhere) and there was absolutely NO attempt made to deliver the package to my door. I can easily hear people coming up the stairs outside and would have heard someone coming to the door. There was no knock on the door, nor did the doorbell ring. Therefore I can only assume your driver was too lazy to bother delivering the package properly.

I did notice a FedEx doorhanging style note laying on the mat of my downstairs neighbor and it is possible the driver was too lazy to bother reading the apartment number on the door to make a delivery to the correct address (which is completely unacceptable) or an attempt was made to deliver a package addressed to my neighbor (which is perfectly acceptable and would mean I'm just being paranoid).

No matter the situation, I had to make a completely unnecessary trip to our apartment office in my very very VERY pregnant condition, which I would not have had to make if your driver had been doing his job.

Had I not been home and an attempt was actually made to deliver the package to my door, I would not mind having to go to the apartment office to pick up my package but that is not the situation I have experienced.

I expect that appropriate action will be taken concerning this driver that this situation will NOT occur again. I have long expressed the opinion that FedEx is superior to UPS based on past experiences and have preferred the customer service, services and affordable prices of FedEx over any other shipping company. I sincerely hope this was an isolated incident and will not be repeated. Based on your company's response to this situation, I hope to continue to use your services for my shipping needs in the future.

I will appreciate a response letting me know if this situation is being remedied.

Think I'll get a response?

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