Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Weather Reflects My Mood

In fact it reflects it very well. Today in DFW it is overcast, windy, and kind of depressing. Yet every once in a while the sun forces its way through the clouds for a few moments. It was a perfect day to get some yard work done.

Very similar to my views on this year's election. First let me start off by saying I voted for McCain and stand by that decision. I feel that Obama's (I am finding it difficult to not call him names) election was not a good choice for this country. I am saddened at the way race has played such a big role in the campaigns. I am even more saddened at the prospect of yet more unborn (and born) babies being killed due to his advocacy for abortion and infanticide. I am wary of his foreign policies and the effect they will have on us. I fear that more of my rights will be stripped away due to his policies of "Change."

Yet the sun is peeking through. After reading several blogs and articles this morning, I am reminded that God is still here. I must continue to have faith in Him and never stop praying. That sun (Son?) peeking through the clouds is God's way of assuring us that He will never leave us. We will make it through this administration by continuing to have faith in Christ.

And perhaps this is the incentive we needed to get out and do a little change ourselves. Just like the weather inspired me to finish trimming the hedges and clearing out dead brush in the front yard so that it looks like we care about our home, perhaps this election will inspire us to work harder to bring about the GOOD kind of change that we really need. Not necessarily what our new president-elect advocates, but what is truly good and right. May this election inspire you to pray more and pay more attention to the issues that are important to your life and the lives of others.

And yes, the yard is really starting to look better. We can even see out our dining room window now! Well, we would if we didn't have boxes stacked in front of it...