Monday, July 9, 2007

Many Things

So, I have been following a shocking situation brought up by Stand Firm, and feel the need to mention some thoughts on the subject. First of all, I am keeping the Kennedy's in my prayers, as well as Ms. Kaeton.

So now I thought I'd touch on a cooler part of Ms. Kaeton's post, that of NFP (Natural Family Planning). To me it seems as though NFP is seen by most people as a form of contraception without drugs or barrier methods. I do not see NFP as that at all. NFP is a tool that EVERY woman of childbearing age can use to further her understanding of her own body. NFP is useful for sufferers of PMS, knowing exactly what one's body is doing can better help one prepare for the inevitable wave of moodiness that comes with the cycle. Women who use NFP can plan activities around when they KNOW they'll be a bit testy.

Besides the obvious moral concerns I have with medical contraceptives, I am concerned with the havoc wreaked on a woman's body by unnecessary hormone therapy. Women's bodies are designed to function a certain way with specific hormones in a specific order. Flooding the body with extra hormones for the "convenience" of no children just does not seem like a smart idea. I noticed that my general health improved once I stopped taking "the Pill". I had fewer migraines, my skin cleared up, and I did not feel so tired all the time.

I have had several people tell me that "that NFP thing didn't work for you, you're pregnant." To which I feel I must respond "When did I say I didn't WANT this baby?" Thanks to my knowing exactly what part of the cycle my body is in at any given time, I know the day conception occured. I know exactly how long I've been pregnant. While there are not many things I have a chance to control in life at least I can be comfortable in knowing what's going on. I may not be able to control what is going on, but at least I don't feel like I was blindsided by my pregnancy.

NFP is not for the lazy. Part of knowing exactly what one's body is going through at a given moment is the willingness to learn and understand the how and why and to commit to it. NFP is also not just for women. A woman's husband should also be involved in the process, if for no other reason than he can look at her chart and understand why he isn't getting any for a week. I do use the term "husband" here because I am a firm believer that all are called to chastity even if some do not heed that call. But that's for another post.

The last part about NFP I feel must be made known is that the "P" stands for Planning. Planning does not necessarily mean "no children". Planning means just that...planning. NFP gives women a perfect tool for spacing children out, waiting until their financial situation or even the marriage itself is slightly better prepared for children, or even for trying to have as large a family as possible (and if a couple is able to provide for such a large family, all the more power to them!). Too often what I hear from pro-choice advocates is that women have a choice...until they CHOOSE to have children.

Well guess what? I CHOOSE to have children. So there. :P

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