Monday, July 9, 2007


Oh yeah, by the way, we did hear the heartbeat last Monday. It was 170 beats per minute and came in loud and clear from the doppler thingy. While that may seem fast, remember that this is early in the pregnancy and that tiny little heart is still developing. Dr. said it was normal to be that fast right now, even if it's a bit on the high side. The speed of the heartbeat, he said, might indicate that we should be expecting a girl, although that is NOT a definite. We still need to wait until the ultrasound indicates how many legs the baby's got (if you catch my drift).

And I must repeat, if this baby is a girl, and you give me anything pink, I will know where you live. You can't hide, and I stock an arsenal of water balloons. I detest pink, and I detest the happy/fluffy sentiment that has developed in the past 50 years concerning gender based coloring. I long for the days when women wore blue (a serene and calming color) and REAL men wore red (the color of blood and war).

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