Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jack in the Crack does it again...

Have you seen those Jack in the Box commercials lately, the ones about their new "Sirloin Burger"? And the next question, am I the only Texan offended by it?

If you haven't seen the commercials, the JitB crew (including Jack himself) are having a laugh at their competitor's expense over the fact that most fast food restaurants use "Angus" beef in their hamburgers while JitB uses the "Sirloin" cut of beef.

Now, anyone familiar with the bovine species knows that the sirloin is a specific cut of meat near the hindquarters and is a preferred cut for steak. Those familiar with the bovine species will also know that Angus is a TYPE OF BOVINE! One can get a sirloin cut from an Angus cow or bull. Angus cattle are the best kind of cattle to get meat from but not milk. In fact, I would not be surprised if JitB got their sirloin cut from Angus cattle.

I just detest those commercials, they sound so ignorant.

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