Friday, July 11, 2008


If you happened to be stopped at a red light in Plano last night next to a dark blue SUV with some crazy blonde woman screaming and bouncing while holding a phone to her ear, you witnessed my reaction to the news that our offer contract has been executed. No, I wasn't driving and talking, I was checking my voice mail while stuck at a really long light.

Today Sean and I went to Grand Prairie to meet with the home inspector we hired and go over any problems with the house. Best news: NO MAJOR PROBLEMS!

News we didn't expect but are willing to deal with and it's not that expensive to fix:

The roof has some nail pops under the shingles and the furnace stack isn't sealed properly so there has been minor leakage. Around 300 to fix.
The A/C needs to be serviced (but it's working and fairly well. Just needs some basic maintenance).
The rubber washer inside the thingy that switches the shower on in the guest bath needs to be replaced.

News we expected:
Major cosmetic work needs to be done to the walls and floors.
Kitchen needs new faucet and sink or refinish the sink.
Dishwasher is kaput (but the inspector recommended a store that sells scratch and dent appliances).
Locks need to be rekeyed.
Weatherstripping around exterior doors and sweeper on front door.
Replace faceplates for electric outlets/tighten outlets inside of boxes.

Something I noticed that I hadn't before: The master bath has pretty faucets. Not super fancy or expensive, just chrome with brass highlights, but they look fairly new and are shiny.

Oh my goodness this is going to be a lot of work. Even so, I am SOOOOOO excited!

I will post pictures later. Unfortunately all the house pics are on Sean's computer or his Picasaweb album and he's having a well deserved "boy's night out" to see the 2nd Hellboy movie.

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