Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have always found it rude when someone gossips "behind someone's back." Whether it be a friend or enemy. I consider myself to be a fairly decent person, and I would hope that others see me the same way. I've learned to stay out of church politics for the most part although those who know me well know where I stand. My big mouth has gotten me into trouble before and I don't want to repeat mistakes.

When I took the position of newsletter editor for St. Alban's, my only thought was "Awesome! I get to practice my mad design skillz and play with InDesign!" Had I known my position would be part of the battle between liberal and conservative, I might have thought twice before accepting.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this job. It gives me something to do besides being a mommy, I practice my design skills (however un-mad they may be), and I get to be one of the first to know of church events which is really nice because I'm one of those people who is usually the last person to find things out.

That being said, if you are a parishioner of St. Alban's (conservative or liberal, I don't care) please understand a few things:

1. I have a name, I am not "our newsletter editor." My name is Anna. If you're going to make a complaint on an egroup about me or the work I do, please use my name. If you're going to send me regular submissions, please use my name. Trust me, I'm a lot friendlier when someone takes the time to show they respect me by using my name.

2. The newsletter is not your personal political battleground. It will NOT become one...or I quit. I have made that statement before and I'll make it again.

3. The purpose of the Legate is to inform parishioners of parish news. The Diocesan newsletter's purpose is to inform of diocesan news. TEC's many news outlets exist to inform of national church news. I do not make a habit of putting in worldwide news articles because I have faith that parishioners are intelligent enough to seek out information using the appropriate outlets.

4. I have read a complaint that the recent issue is a bit lacking in church events and only has the "same old announcements." Guess what,'s SUMMER! People are on vacation. Vacation Bible School is over. There are no Christian Education events going on in the summer because there's hardly anyone here for a couple of months. Listen to the prayers for those traveling...the list goes on for a while. Trust me, when school starts up again in the fall, people start returning to work, and parishioners come home from vacation, the Legate will be so much bursting with news that I will be hard pressed to fit it all in. When I took over last September, it didn't occur to me that I could expand the size to accommodate all the info. I tried to cram it all in a 16 page size with itsy bitsy print when I should have expanded it to 24 pages. I learned my lesson.

I don't know how many people view this blog, but if you are a parishioner at St. Alban's, please know that I love you all. I am grateful to be the newsletter editor and very much enjoy working on it and with everyone who sends in submissions. Please just remember that I'm a human being like you. Yes, there is someone real sitting at her desk with her feet propped up typing on the wireless keyboard in her lap like the lazy bum she is and wondering if she can con a certain husband of hers into getting her something to munch on....all the while hoping the baby doesn't wake up again tonight.

God bless.

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sanctus.liberalis said...

Good luck trying to con him now! Bwhahahaha