Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lent (some rambling thoughts)

Didn't get a chance to return our palms to St. Alban's to be burnt for Ash Wednesday due to the pregnancy...neither did we get a chance to go to an Ash Wednesday service at either St. Alban's or the REC parish we've been attending during the pregnancy because George is still a bit too young to be exposed to crowds since it's cold and flu season.

I'm a bit disappointed that Lent has begun like this for our family, but know that I need to accept that things have changed with the arrival of the adorable little pooper currently sitting in his swing and dozing off.

At least I've been able to make a Lenten rule for myself. I actually gave this one a lot of thought compared to previous years. First of all, I can't exactly fast since I'm nursing. Must have plenty of nutrition for us both, so there's no way I can cut out a meal. So I began thinking of what I gave up during my pregnancy...alcohol? Well, I can't drink a whole lot while nursing anyway and I haven't had a drop to drink in over 9 months so it's not like giving it up would be a hardship. I already gave up caffeine during the pregnancy...wait.

I have limited my caffeine intake greatly (and have weaned myself from the caffeine addiction in the process) in the last few months...but I'm still guzzling Diet Dr. Peppers like there's no tomorrow. What if I cut out sodas during Lent? It's healthier for me and the baby, and because the price of corn is going up (which shouldn't affect diet drinks but does anyway :P ) we save money on not buying a 12 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper a week. That's about $3 a week saved.

That's money that can be added to the collection plate on Sunday every week.

Now I don't feel quite so bad about the rocky start to Lent this year...

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