Friday, February 29, 2008


Last Saturday, we went to go visit Mom and Oma. Both of them got to hold George and marvel at the adorableness of a little baby, and the first boy born in his generation (on another note, found out my cousin who is pregnant with twins is expecting a boy and a girl). As he lay sleeping in my mother's arms, she wondered aloud what babies dream of.

They haven't had much experience in the outside world, so it's not like they dream of the same things we adults do. Perhaps they dream of the comfort of Mommy and Daddy's arms, or of the womb? Maybe they dream of a life before conception, fleeting memories of life in their Creator's arms?

And do they have nightmares? More than once, George has woken up from a sound sleep screaming as if he's in pain. Sean or I rush to his bassinet and pick him up and are immediately greeted by a smile and soft gurgling when we touch his back. It's as if he is frightened but immediately calmed by the touch of his loving parents.

So what do babies dream of?

This last picture is a response to Mom's request to see one of him smiling. Darn, those smiles are hard to come by with the camera. They disappear so quickly! It's as if he knows...

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