Monday, October 29, 2007

Some Updates on Mom

I talked with Oma on Friday and again yesterday afternoon. On Friday she informed me that Mom had to be taken back to the emergency room from the rehab center due to a urinary tract infection (most likely due to the catheter...I detest those things) and her blood sugar was in the 470 range. She had also attempted to get up in the middle of the night before to use the restroom and fell....on her knee. This is a woman who has horrible arthritis in her knees and has undergone several surgeries from it. She is also prone to infection.

So this news put a damper on the baby shower Saturday. But Sunday afternoon I got some good news. They got her blood sugar down and had given her a few antibiotics. She was having more trouble swallowing and they gave her a few choices (one of which was a feeding tube straight into the stomach) and the option she chose was to go back to the rehab center and continue speech therapy to basically relearn how to swallow. But she was supposed to go back today (not sure if she has, I haven't spoken to Oma today).

Mom is much too young to go through crap like this. It's like one thing after another. Oh yeah, when she went to the neurologist last Wednesday, she was told that it is possibly not a brain tumor but a mass from the stroke, so they're going to do another imaging on the 12th of November to determine whether or not to do a biopsy. Lovely. I'm getting frustrated with the constantly changing opinions of the cracked up doctors up there, I can only assume that what she is feeling is worse. Poor Oma has driven out to see her (a 40 mile round trip) every day except one that I know of, and she's not exactly the world's best driver (bless her heart). Oma is in her 70's and I can only imagine the stress that she is going through as well. I sincerely wish Medicare would pay for Mom to be sent to a decent hospital with good doctors and up-to-date equipment (like someplace down here in Dallas/Plano), and not just so I could visit her on a regular basis.

I'll post about the shower (it was really nice) later.

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