Monday, August 10, 2009

Went to Visit Nana and THIS is What Happens...

I think Sean is not going to allow me to take George up to my mom's any more, every time we go it seems like he ends up with a cut or a bruise. And Mom feels so bad about it. But accidents happen. George is a boy (and boys will be boys) and Mom's house isn't childproofed at all. I feel like I don't get a moment's rest trying to keep him out of cabinets and drawers.

Owie. This is in the car just after he got treated at Cook Children's Urgent Care Center in Hurst.

George threw a tantrum at Nana's and hurled himself onto the base of my mother's motorized wheelchair. One of the metal supports on the chair has a bit of a sharp edge to it and that's the part his forehead connected with. It bled like crazy (all head wounds do) but ended up only being superficial. At the urgent care center they cleaned him up and put DermaBond over it to seal the cut and help it heal. He sobbed quietly while it was being done but not a peep afterward.

What a brave little guy!

And a special great big THANK YOU to the Cook staff (Dr, nurses, registration, etc.). They are so great with kids and turned a potentially scary situation into one of the best "hospital" visits I've ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And God bless you!

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