Friday, August 8, 2008

Mommy's Playground

I am exhausted, but ever so happy. I have found my "Mommy Playground" aka IKEA. This is an awesome store and I'm slightly bummed that the closest one is in Frisco which, although close to our current apartment, is a bit of a drive from our new house (whenever that will be. That's a rant for another post which I will probably not make. Suffice it to say that people who put a house on the market should make sure the title is clear BEFORE putting it on the market, not wait until a week before closing before they "discover" a lien).

But enough of my grousing. I am in HAPPY mood! My feet ache, I twisted my ankle at church, and we're all hot and sweaty, but none of that is ruining my good mood. I had no idea IKEA was affordable. Very affordable. And not exactly Walmart cheap either. Ahh, I can sleep well tonight, for I have found my happy place :D

And here's what I got:

So cute! We also got the feeding tray that goes with it.

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