Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winnie the Poo....without an H

I have found it necessary to make a nice, embarrassing post about George that he might read in the future. And of all things, it concerns poop.

He seems to be greatly amused by letting loose as SOON as I get his diaper off. I am running out of dirty clothes to wash the changing pad cover with. After he commits this foul deed, he looks up at me and has the audacity to GIGGLE. Which of course makes me giggle....and then he knows his involuntary action has elicited a positive response.

Why is it that the things they do (doo-doo?) that is unacceptable behavior as they grow older is just so darn cute or funny when they're so little? A sleep-deprived, half insane mother is of COURSE going to find it hilarious when the little squirt (pun intended) gets a goofy grin because he 'got Mommy'.

I can see it going through his head...

Okay, she's undoing the velcro tabs....okay, she's exposed my rear to the air..but the old diaper is still under me. Not yet....there, she's slipped it out! Ah, nekkid butt to the she comes with the wipe....ready.....aim....FIRE!!!! Haha! There's the look of disgust on her for me to be cute....*grin*....wait for it...wait for it....HAH! I made her laugh too!

And the cycle continues.....

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