Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's Been Going On

While there hasn't been a lot of news to relate, I do have a couple of items to share.

First, I am in the application process for Region 10 Teacher Preperation Certification. While it is going smoothly for the most part, I have gotten....stuck, shall we say...on a couple of items. The first of which is that the application process requires three professional references, which I seem to be having a bit of trouble fulfilling as I have not had a lot of work experience and am not sure if my former boss is even still working for the company. I also need my ACT scores and am having trouble accessing them (to request them online I need to know the month and year I took the darned test. Do you remember when you took your college entrance exam?). Please keep me in your prayers that I may be able to obtain these items and complete the application and certification process.

Also, I just need to get off my chest that if I don't get out of this apartment and get some real adult conversation soon, I'mma go nuts. As much as I love my sweet baby George, he doesn't really respond by much other than cooing and giggles. It's cute, but I am going stir crazy.

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