Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cowboys 'n

We had our first childbirth prep class today which included a tour of the maternity ward. Dear me, I swear it's a hotel, not a hospital. I knew the postpartum rooms looked great based on the online photos. I had no idea the LDR (Labor, Delivery, and Recovery) rooms looked even more so, with the exception of obvious medical equipment.

So the only downside to this class tonight is that it occurred at the same time as the Cowboys/Packers game. But that's what the DVR is for, so I got to watch it anyway with the added bonus of skipping the commercials and boring parts. I managed to condense it into less than an hour of actual viewed time. Now comes my real dilemma...

I didn't know which team to cheer for.

That may sound really strange, and you might be thinking "Anna, you live in Texas....duh". Well, sure I chose to move here, and I have been a Cowboys fan through the good times and the bad. But for some unknown reason I've also been a Packers fan for years. I always cheer for the Packers when they play, and I always cheer for the 'Boys. But it is inevitable that they at some point will play each other, and that's when I'm not sure who to cheer for. I love them both, and would have been happy to see either win tonight.

So unless you don't pay attention to the news, the Cowboys won tonight 37-27. I am especially happy that it was a fairly good game, and I'm very happy that the Cowboys are finally playing decently compared to the last few years.

Please don't hate me for having an identity crisis....blame it on the pregnancy hormones....yeah, that's it.

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