Thursday, March 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes is hosted by Jen @ Conversion Diary.

I have discovered that I am at peace with my decision to join the Roman Catholic church.

Corgis are loud. And ferocious. Well, at least that's what they want you to think.

I finally found a mommy group in this area and am so excited about it.

My Lenten rule has helped me to lose 7 lbs so far. Praise God!

Apparently, I have a creepy house. My mother-in-law freaks out every time she stays with us, jumping at every noise. Tonight, our babysitter nearly called the cops because the wind was causing our canopy on the back porch to creak. Of course, I must also admit that the first time I heard the ice maker drop ice in the middle of the night (empty house, tile floor, new fridge, and we were sleeping on air mattresses in the dining room) I thought it was a gunshot.

Speaking of creepy houses, for some reason as I'm typing this I'm getting all sorts of shivers down my spine. And I keep looking towards the window expecting to see a person standing there...2nd story.

The best news of all, I'm subbing for GPISD! I'm finding subbing to be somewhat rewarding, and am looking forward even more to being a permanent teacher. Now if I could only find a job.


Emily G. said...

Hi! I popped over here from Conversion Diary. I wanted to tell you, a solution to the creepy house thing might be having your house blessed. If you cannot get a local priest to stop by and do that for you, doing it yourself is better than nothing.Here is a set of prayers for blessing: If you don't feel to weird doing it, sprinkle holy water around the perimeter of your property (assuming you've a city lot), then around your home. Sprinkle some in the corners of each room. Ask God's blessing upon your home and all inside it, and his protection from demons. Perhaps you won't feel 'creepy' any more after that.

Have a good weekend!


Courageous Grace said...

Thanks, Emily. I have actually been planning on having my house blessed.

I actually don't feel creepy here with the exception of the first night we spent here, it's everyone else who comes to visit. The house (which is only 9 years old) happens to be situated in a very windy area, and there are not many trees to help with the problem, so most of the noises are due to the wind hitting the house. The other noises are the fridge and freezer in the kitchen, and the broken garage door that creaks and moans in the wind. I'm so used to it that I don't hear it any more.

As for my #6, I think I should clarify...I tend to make myself get creeped out. I love watching horror flicks for this reason.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but thanks for the comment and I'm glad you stopped by!

Rae said...

It sounds like a lot to be happy about. Peace is a wonderful thing.

Kerrie @ TFK said...

ESL teachers are in high demand where I live. I think in my school alone our ESL department has approximately 20 teachers....good luck!