Monday, September 14, 2009

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist

I would love to see Avenue Q live. Besides the infamous "Internet is for P--n" song*, my favorite tune from this great musical is "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist." Why? Because it points out the stupidity of the liberal PC crowd.

Lately I've been hearing a lot about race in the news, on the internet, and in magazines. A Newsweek article suggests that babies are racist at 6 months, Joe Wilson makes a rude but correct comment during President Obama's speech to Congress and is labeled a racist (the topic being healthcare and non-citizens), people who are outspoken against Obama and his "changes" are being labeled racist.

I have a question for you liberals that I ask my toddler when he won't stop whining. Do you need somebody to call the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance? It seems there is a large piece of wood that needs to be removed by your proctologist.

I am about as white and pasty as could possibly be.


When I moved to a new town in the 3rd grade the first friend I made at my new school was...drum roll I try to think back and remember any of my schoolmates as a young child and I only remember fun things we did, not what they looked like. In fact, when I checked through some old school photos the only thing I really noticed was the hair (late 80's, early 90'

Fast forward to when I moved to Texas. I was a little shocked to discover there were only three black families in my hometown (the town's name might have something to do with it although unintentional). I was be surrounded by white people.

In college I had friends of just about every skin color. A good friend of mine is black, but I don't even notice it most of the time. To me, he's a friend, just like all my others. He's also very funny and an excellent cook.

Why am I telling you all this? Because believe it or not, I am a white conservative Christian and I am NOT racist. Agist (against teenagers) and sexist (against stupid woman drivers), yes. Racist, no. I could ask any one of the conservative people I know about race, listen to their comments, see their actions, and I see absolutely no hint of racism. Disgust of stupidity, but that affects people of any color.

So to you liberal nuts out there, get over yourselves. Please.

/end rant

*This is actually a very humorous song that really makes more of a statement of fact than anything. Some might find it offensive. If you think you might be offended, please don't look it up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Ah, here we are again. Yes, I'm squeezing this in under the wire.

7 Quick Takes is hosted by Jen @ Conversion Diary.

First of all we must never forget what today is the 8th anniversary of. I don't have the words to express how I feel about 9/11 and so just ask you to say a prayer.

My sister called me yesterday! I haven't talked to her in months because we're both horrible at communicating. It was good to hear her voice and I was amazed by how much we had in common in only an hour's worth of conversation. I say this because Becky and I are like night and day. She is seven years older than I am and has a completely different set of beliefs. For one, she is Unitarian and I am an Anglican currently discerning a call to join the Tiber swim team. She also has much more liberal views than I do although I think we have similar beliefs for the extremely important issues.

During that conversation talked about how some parents we know (not naming names here or implying anything!) let their toddlers run rampant and get away with just about anything. I am not intending to be snide or snarky here, just that it's something to think about. It is pretty interesting to discover just what kind of impact our parenting style has on our children. Hmmm.

Lily seems to be getting better. Although I have not posted it here, my facebook friends know what I am talking about. We came home from vacation to find that Lily had tapeworms. A visit to the vet and one application of a topical medication and she's even a bit less lethargic. She's actually been very lovey lately which is unusual for this cranky old lady.

Speaking of vacation, Mississippi is great. We went up to MSU to visit Alex and spent the rest of the time pretty much relaxing while George chased Grandma's cats around the house.

Did anyone notice my hint about a possibility of joining the "Tiber Swim Team"? This is something I have been mulling over quite a bit over the last year. More to come on this subject, I promise.

And last but not least...Most of you probably know Sean was laid off last month (this is what prompted the Mississippi vacation). As of this posting, he is still unemployed. However, he has been getting several calls a day from headhunters, he has gone on several interviews, and he and a friend have even started their own internet image consulting business (more on this later). Please keep him, our family, and his business partner, Charles, in your prayers.