Saturday, July 11, 2009

Being a Mommy is Rewarding

You know you're doing something right when the child who has resisted being read to his entire short life so far walks over to the bookshelf, grabs "Kitten's First Full Moon" (borrowed from the library) and tries to climb into your lap so you can read to him. Of course he still wanted to turn the pages before I could finish reading them but he wanted me to read to him! I think I almost started to cry.

Maybe we can get into a routine now of reading a bedtime story together every night?

Another sign of his development that brings joy to my heart is his recognition of body parts. It used to be that he knew where his nose and belly-button were but asked where any other body part was and that little pudgy finger would go right back to the tip of his nose! Now he knows where his mouth and eyes are and is even getting "ears" right about half the time.

On a side note, the cutest thing happened today. We were getting ready to drive to Dairy Queen (Tagalong Blizzard = absolute yum!) when Sean asked George to "go tell Mommy that it's time to go." George walked down the hallway, stopped in the doorway of the playroom where my computer is, and proudly told me "Ah bababoo. Pfffffaba boo." He then turned around and walked back to Sean who stood there slack-jawed in amazement for a moment.

Ain't that something?

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