Friday, September 19, 2008


...I wish I could crawl into a cave with all the necessary supplies I would need to survive and not have to hear about all the horrible things people say and do in the world today.

It just seems like it's one thing after another. From the "deposition" of Bishop Duncan of Pennsylvania and all the crap that's going on in TEC to the election and the outright hatred that is being spewed towards Sarah Palin. I have often heard my mother say that Satan tries his hardest to tear down what is good, destroy people, and destroy the church, and it seems he is trying especially hard right now.

Kyrie Eleison
Christe Eleison
Kyrie Eleison

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best. Vent. Convo. EVAR!!!

Caution: language, NSFW

I am still crying from laughing so hard, fifteen minutes after watching this video. And the best part about it is how well the guys take it. Most people who get an annoying vent spammer get all upset and start cussing up a storm. These "good ol' boys" are awesome!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Someone needs to remind me to not read mommyblogs at night after George has gone to bed. Especially on a day like today.

I have cried so much hearing some really heartbreaking stories, and some really touching ones, and George would be very upset if I woke him up to hug him. He likes his sleep and is cranky like crazy if woken by anything other than his internal clock (or stomach).

On another note, Sean asked me today "who died?" He then mentioned all the flags he saw at half mast. I asked him what the date was. He looked very embarrassed.

May the souls of all departed, especially those lost seven years ago today, rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CDO (like OCD but in alphabetical order)

Who woulda thunk that my obsessive compulsion to memorize floorplans and building layouts would actually help someone?

About ten minutes ago, there was a frantic knocking at our door and the doorbell rung. I heard a shout that sounded something like a muffled "Police!" My heart started racing as I ran downstairs to find out what on earth was going on (a vision of a certain crazed "He who shall not be named" ran through my mind), and I peeked through the paint splattered peephole. I did not see anyone outside but heard voices. I cracked the door open and peeked out. Two Dallas police officers were standing outside.

One of them asked if I knew which apartment one of the garages in our building went to. Once I figured out which garage they meant, it was fairly easy for me to remember which apartment it went to. After I told them they thanked me and went on their way to complete whatever duty they were out here for (maybe I'll find out tomorrow?).

It would be nearly impossible for anyone who does not live in this apartment complex (or work here) to know the building layouts. I bet it is fairly difficult even for people who DO live here to remember. However, if you point out a specific window, I can tell you what room of the apartment it is, and draw a rough sketch of how the unit is laid out. I can do this with all of the apartment complexes I've lived in. I could also do this with all of the houses we've looked at in our house search (still haven't closed yet. Long story, still waiting).

If I drive through a neighborhood once (sometimes it takes me twice) I can draw you a rough map of it. I have a clear picture of the floorplan of our new house in my head. I could draw you a fairly detailed picture of it. I could do the same with every house I've lived in, every dorm building I've lived in, even the houses of friends.

I can't remember to water my plants, but I can't stop myself from remembering floorplans. Heck, I even used to use up tons of graph paper designing floorplans for imaginary houses. Am I nuts? Or can I possibly put this to good use? Hmm.....the world may never know.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Drivers (caution: Language)

Warning: This post contains strong language. Parental discretion advised. Rated PG-13

Can someone please explain to me why people drive at their absolute WORST on Sundays? I understand there are the little old white haired ladies and little old men with hats on that only drive on Sundays, but the majority of rude, dangerous, and just plain stupid drivers that I see on Sundays are not elderly.

The worst one from yesterday: I saw a sedan in front of me in my lane swerve violently. A second after the car was under control, I saw a white furry head pop out of the driver's window, tongue hanging out. I sped up and passed this dangerous driver and looked over as I was passing her. She had a large dog (about the size of a lab) on her lap. While traveling at 60 mph. While driving. DRIVING!

I'm going to say this next bit with big letters.

You are not an animal lover if you allow your pet to ride in your lap while you are driving. This is animal abuse and I will call the cops if I see you driving like this because you are a danger to other drivers.

If you really love your pet, you will make sure it is safely restrained in an appropriate carrier (wouldn't you put your child in a car seat?). I don't care HOW docile your precious mutt is, a horn honking, sirens whizzing by, or any other number of factors can startle it and cause it to interfere with your driving. You are in control of a large hunk of metal and flammable fuel hurtling down the road at a high speed. You do NOT need the distraction of an animal getting in your way. If you choose to drive with an animal on your lap, you are a f'ing IDIOT.

A couple of times I have driven with my cat on the passenger seat of my car because she is less freaked out than in her carrier. She curls up on the seat and doesn't move. Then one day I was taking her to a friend's house to stay for a week while we were on vacation. On a busy highway during rush hour I ended up having to slam on my brakes (I was not paying attention to the cat, I just got cut off). Next thing I knew, the cat had flown forward and hit the floorboard hard enough to knock the wind out of her. That's when I realized that any unrestrained animal can get hurt, even if interfering with my driving wasn't an issue. Lily was not hurt, thankfully, but I learned my lesson. From now on she gets put in her carrier (I'd rather put up with the pitiful whining) which is then strapped in with a seat belt. Same principal applies to pickup truck owners with their dogs. Dogs should NEVER ride in the back of a pickup unless confined in a well anchored cage. If you really care about your pet, make sure it is restrained. Please.

I'm not a PETA freak (the People for the Eating of Tasty Animals would probably hate me, I lovingly harass my cat all the time) but I do care about animals and believe that all of God's creatures should be treated humanely.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Must Be Doing Something Wrong...

...because this blog is not blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Perhaps I should discuss religion and politics more often.