Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CDO (like OCD but in alphabetical order)

Who woulda thunk that my obsessive compulsion to memorize floorplans and building layouts would actually help someone?

About ten minutes ago, there was a frantic knocking at our door and the doorbell rung. I heard a shout that sounded something like a muffled "Police!" My heart started racing as I ran downstairs to find out what on earth was going on (a vision of a certain crazed "He who shall not be named" ran through my mind), and I peeked through the paint splattered peephole. I did not see anyone outside but heard voices. I cracked the door open and peeked out. Two Dallas police officers were standing outside.

One of them asked if I knew which apartment one of the garages in our building went to. Once I figured out which garage they meant, it was fairly easy for me to remember which apartment it went to. After I told them they thanked me and went on their way to complete whatever duty they were out here for (maybe I'll find out tomorrow?).

It would be nearly impossible for anyone who does not live in this apartment complex (or work here) to know the building layouts. I bet it is fairly difficult even for people who DO live here to remember. However, if you point out a specific window, I can tell you what room of the apartment it is, and draw a rough sketch of how the unit is laid out. I can do this with all of the apartment complexes I've lived in. I could also do this with all of the houses we've looked at in our house search (still haven't closed yet. Long story, still waiting).

If I drive through a neighborhood once (sometimes it takes me twice) I can draw you a rough map of it. I have a clear picture of the floorplan of our new house in my head. I could draw you a fairly detailed picture of it. I could do the same with every house I've lived in, every dorm building I've lived in, even the houses of friends.

I can't remember to water my plants, but I can't stop myself from remembering floorplans. Heck, I even used to use up tons of graph paper designing floorplans for imaginary houses. Am I nuts? Or can I possibly put this to good use? Hmm.....the world may never know.

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