Monday, June 16, 2008

Strange Dreams - Bad Piskies!

Have you ever had a dream where you could swear it was real...until you wake up? Last night was one of those...

I was at St. Alban's for the Sunday Eucharist. Fr. M was celebrating and Fr. K assisting. Everything was going fine, I sang in the choir while Sean sat in the congregation with George. Then comes Communion and that's when everything went horribly wrong. First let me explain that George's godmother Allison was next to me at the rail but instead of the black cassock and white surplice of the choir she was wearing a white alb, bright purple chasuble and biretta. It so happened that this particular Sunday was a feast day for something special although I don't remember hearing what exactly it was. Instead of the normal consecrated wafer, each communicant was given a spoonful of pistachio ice cream. After the blessed ice cream, I was about to be offered the wine (can you imagine the taste combination?) when all of a sudden the communicants at the rail were asked to seat themselves in the front pew for a few minutes.

Warning bells were going off in my mind as I took my seat and wondered why Communion was being interrupted. Fr. K mumbled something about an apology that the following skit wasn't done before the sermon because he forgot but it's being done now.

The church darkens and stage lights (we have stage lights?) come on as Allison and three other young ladies come out all wearing different types of vestments in garish colors. They performed a skit that parodied the Sex and the City movie trailer, then the regular lights came back on and Communion resumed. Confused, I sipped the wine from the chalice before I heard a rather annoying alarm.

I opened my eyes, put on my glasses, and watched as Sean got up and turned the alarm clock off at 6am. Now I have a craving for pistachio ice cream.

To clarify, neither Fr. K or Fr. M would EVER let something like that happen in real life. Nor is there any feast day that tradition requires pistachio ice cream be served. And I can't imagine Allison taking part in something so....ugh.

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