Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Isamashii Yuubi

Some of you may have noticed me use the pseudonym "Isamashii Yuubi". Many years ago, I had an online friend of Japanese descent give me the literal meaning of my name in Japanese.

Anna, my first name, means Grace. Phyrne, my middle name, means Courage. Inverted, my name is "Courageous Grace". The literal translation is Isamashii Yuubi.

The pronounciation guide that was given to me by this friend was "ee-sah-MAH-shee mee-YOO-bee". I'm not quite sure where the "m" sound in the second name comes from, but I believe it has something to do with the odd combination of vowel sounds between the two words. I have heard Yuubi pronounced as "YOO-bee" so I have a feeling that the "mee" sound is there to differentiate between the words as a kind of placeholder.

Why have a Japanese username when I have absolutely no Japanese heritage? Besides the obvious explanation that it looks and sounds "cool", I chose Isamashii Yuubi because it is unique. I have never run into anyone else online who has the same username. The closest I've come across is someone who named their character in the mmorpg Lineage 2 "Isamashii". I am also a fan of anime and the Japanese culture has piqued my interest.

Got Pocki?

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sanctus.liberalis said...

You ate all my pocki, but at least you don't drink my sake.